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It is a state requirement to attend a class to get your Victorian white card.

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New South Wales you are required to attend a class room to get qualified

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Online course to Prepare you to work safely in the construction industry in Tasmania

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White Card Australia

If you wish to start your career in the construction industry in Australia, then along with other requirements, white card certification is an essential document – (you are required to complete Prepare to the unit Work Safely in the Construction Industry – unit code – CPCCWHS1001. You will need to secure it before starting work in the construction industry anywhere in Australia.

White card, also known as general construction induction card, is a certification that is provided to you upon successful completion of training and is valid anywhere in Australia. If you wish to read more about it or looking for a complete guide regarding white card acquiring process, we have listed everything that you need to know.

What is White Card, who needs it, and why?

A white card is a certification that is needed by anyone working in the construction industry in Australia. Without this certification doing general construction work in Australia is illegal. You may face legal complications if you work without completing the general construction induction training followed by a legal document known as a certification or a white card.

The white card is acquired after completing a general construction induction training, which is designed to train a worker on how to work safely in the construction industry. Anyone, at any level of a construction business, will have to get the card, here are general roles/positions that must acquire white card before proceeding work in the construction industry:

Self-employed laborers

Anyone who is self-trained and is not registered with any organization. Such a person must be familiar with general construction safety protocols and/or have prior experience in handling construction site work.

Construction site managers

People who are trained and experienced handling construction industry work and are always on-site to handle projects.

Construction trainees

Newbies who wish to experience the safe construction work and adopt this as a career.

Construction vendors

Vendors or associated people responsible for bringing in the construction material. These people must be aware of working safely in the construction, entering and exiting the construction site.

Anyone who frequently visits construction sites to deal with business operations

These can include surveyors, officials or third-party personnel who are responsible to often visit the site and check if all safety measures are in place and people are following them.

Anyone who is not listed here does not belong to the construction industry and yet needs to be at the site often for selling of business, products, etc. should be getting induction training to work safely with proper and adequate training.

Now coming to the last part of the question of why someone needs an induction card training or white card in the construction business, it is for the safety of the construction worker and everyone else working around. During the training, you will get familiar with:

  • Legal health and safety requirements issued by OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) department
  • Identification of construction hazards and possible solutions
  • Reporting of processes to work safely in the construction site
  • Responding to unfortunate construction incidents

How to get a WhiteCard and how much will it cost?

As mentioned before, you will complete a training course, and after the completion, you will be able to get the white card, which is valid anywhere in Australia. Here is how you can get started with the registration process:

  1. Determine if your state is offering an online course or just in-class training (more details ahead).
  2. Determine your eligibility, such as age limit, etc.
  3. Find a trainer in your locality or  Online course provider – look for a listed in-class training room known as RTOs (registered training organization).
  4. Register yourself with any online course or in-class training venue.
  5. Complete the training.
  6. Get the proof of completion, and with that document, you can start working in the construction business across Australia.

Issuance of physical white card online

Once the training is complete, and your trainer issues the statement of completion, as a proof to completion of construction induction training. The same registered training organisation RTO will submit a registration form to the SafeWork organization of your respective state, such as ACT (Australian Capital Territory), Tasmania, etc. The respective SafeWork department will issue your physical plastic card within 60 days of receipt of the registration form from RTO. Prior to the receipt of your plastic induction card, the statement of completion holds the same value, and you can prepare to work using that one.

How much it cost to get a White Card in Australia

Since there are multiple individual RTOs, the price points vary depending upon state you are in:

Western Australia – Online Course – $55

Victoria Class Room Based – $120

Online vs. In-class Courses

We have already mentioned a few points that your state may offer online or in-class courses. Here is a quick guide to what your state has to offer:

Online Training or Classroom Training

Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania: You can opt for any medium that is more appropriate and feasible depending upon individual needs.

In-class Training Only

ACT, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Northern Territory: You have to complete the in-class training courses in order to get the white card, online training is not available in these states.

Is online white card different from in-class training white card?

No, both are the same; it only depends if your state has online trainers or not. Only the process of training is different from each other; in the end, the same white card is issued to participants. The outlook of card caries from state to state, but that too is just to differentiate the origin of the card issuer. The validity and acceptance are similar to each card type, origin, training type, etc.

How long is a white card valid?

There is no expiry date of induction card or white card, as there is no such date on your any of the white cards issued by states.

There is a change of layout for some of the states, but previously issued cards are still recognisable and acceptable throughout Australia. However, due to any reason, if you are unable to work for a period of two years, then the current one becomes void. You are required to complete the training again through a registered training provider and get yourself a new induction card.

Getting a new induction card if you have not worked in general construction for almost two years is similar to getting a new card. Your current card will be of no use if someone inspects you and find out that you have resumed work after a couple of years. Therefore, you will enroll in a white card training online or a white card course in a physical class. You will complete the general construction induction provided by the registered trainers and will get a new card within 60 days of completion.

How can I acquire a replacement white card?

There are several reasons you may need a replacement of general construction induction card such as:

  1. Change or update of information on the card
  2. Wrongly printed information on the card
  3. Lost, stolen or destroyed white card

In such scenarios, you are not required to retake the construction induction training to get a new card. Instead, you can apply for a replacement card online. However, the process slightly differs for getting a replacement card with updated information and getting a replacement card with the same information.

Replacement card for lost/stolen case

In case you have lost your card, it broke due to any unforeseen incident, or it is not in useable condition, then you can apply for it to your respective service department with a statement of reason. As an example, for white card NSW, you can apply here. Similarly, look for respective state service and apply accordingly.

You will need your personal details and a valid credit/debit card information for online payment. A new card will be dispatched within 60 days.

Replacement of changed information card online

In case your contact details have changed, such as name, address, contact number, etc. then you can apply online too but with proof of a change of information.

In case of such changes in contact details, first, you will fill out the change of information form. After that, along with the PDF version of that form, apply online for a replacement white card.

This is a comprehensive guide about the general construction induction training, which someone would need to know—starting from the eligibility to getting the training backed up by a statement and then finally acquiring a lifetime approval to work in general construction. Everything is listed here, and if you are still wondering who should be your better guide in the actual implementation of this knowledge, then all you have to do is to give us a call. We will arrange everything that you need to get started with getting yourself registered with a white card course.

Why Us?

Primarily because we are an expert in the domain of general construction induction card. We have served numerous professionals to prepare to work with general construction induction. We are striving hard to keep up the bars of excellence in providing the services for many years to come.

Our team is experienced as well expert in providing the right information along with right actionable items for those who lack required industry knowledge and seek crisp guidelines to carry out the card acquisition process without much hassle.

Our service fees are aligned with the market, and our motto is not to make money but to create an experience which you remember and feel pleasure to refer to others with similar need as well.

How to connect with us?

We are operational 5 days a week and are available on several communication channels listed on our contact page. Feel free to give us a call, write an email, follow our social media, or visit us in-person if you can. We will help you to connect with one of the white card acquisition experts in our team and rest you will experience yourself.

Prepare for work safely in general construction, get yourself registered with a white card course today, and encourage others to acquire the card before stepping into construction.

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